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FAAH 150 Introduction to Art History for Freshmen 3.0; 3 cr.

A course that offers a fundamental overview of art and its development in the Western world, providing the students with a chronology and brief description of the main art periods and movements in the West starting from prehistoric art all the way to contemporary art.

FAAH 200 Foundations in Painting and Drawing 0.6; 3 cr.
Foundations in Painting and Drawing focuses on the development of basic art making skills and concepts by promoting an exploration of 2D media to interpret three-dimensional space. Introduction to basic art materials, liquid and dry. Each semester.

FAAH 201 Drawing I 0.6; 3 cr.
A course in freehand drawing: various approaches to
drawing are explored using both dry and liquid media. This course also deals with contours, proportions, forms, shading, and some perspective.

FAAH 202 Drawing II 0.6; 3 cr.
Emphasis is placed on draughtsmanship
in various techniques and media with attention to expression, figure drawing, interpretation, and drawing as a basis for studies for other art forms.

FAAH 206 Painting I 0.6; 3 cr.
A beginning studio course introducing students to various painting media
and subject matter aimed to develop basic skills.

FAAH 207 Painting II 0.6; 3 cr.
A studio course in the handling of basic subject
matter in pastel, wash, gouache and/or acrylic. Design and paint application are emphasized.

FAAH 208 Watercolor and Illustration 0.6; 3 cr.
A studio course introducing students to the procedure and materials
of water color media, its various applications and techniques. Through a series of progressive painting assignments, this course aims to lay the foundations for personal expression as well as exposure to different styles and subject matter.

FAAH 209 (A, B, C…) Special Topics in 2D Art .06; 3 cr. (each)
Specialized courses in 2D studio arts. Annually.

FAAH 210 Sculpture I 0.6; 3 cr.
A studio
course in modeling, casting, and construction in various materials. Emphasis is placed on the fundamentals of three-dimensional organization and expression in relation to the use of tools and materials, and the element of form.

FAAH 211 Sculpture II 0.6; 3 cr.
A studio
course that concentrates on general knowledge of modern sculpture, creating sculptures in the round, abstract forms with attention given to direct carving, and relating the sculpture to the environment and architecture.

FAAH 212 Sculpture III 0.6; 3 cr.
Intermediate-advanced studio course emphasizing the refinement of personal
technique, expression, and skill level. Attention is given to current developments in the field, and relating the sculpture to its environment.

FAAH 215 Ceramics I 0.6; 3 cr.
studio course in basic handbuilding ceramics techniques; pinching, coiling, slab building, and glazing. The student potter is encouraged to create artistic functional pots, reflecting an understanding of the acquired basics.

FAAH 216 Ceramics II 0.6; 3 cr.
A studio course for the student potter
who took Ceramics I. All basic techniques are fully developed and redefined to suit the student’s design. Design versus function is emphasized, as well as appreciation and criticism.

FAAH 217 Ceramics III 0.6; 3 cr.
A studio
course emphasizing skills in wheel-throwing and decorative projects, with attention to development of a personal idiom.

FAAH 218 Conceptual Studio I 0.6; 3 cr.
An idea-based and
non-media-specific studio course. Review of contemporary art movements form a starting point for the creation of artworks that are explorative, interdisciplinary, with new notions of relating to culture and society. Technology and media work may be included by way of interaction and networking with existing resources in other departments.

FAAH 219 Conceptual Studio II 0.6; 3 cr.
An idea-based and non-media-specific studio
course. Course description as above in Conceptual Studio I, but with different emphases and projects.

FAAH 221 Art History I: Ancient and Classical 3.0; 3 cr.
survey and analysis of art, architecture, and the evolution of the city in antiquity.

FAAH 222 Art History II: Medieval 3.0; 3 cr.
survey and analysis of art, architecture, and the evolution of the city from the fourth to the fourteenth century.

FAAH 223 Art History III: Renaissance/ 3.0; 3 cr. Post-Medieval to Baroque
A survey
and analysis of art, architecture, and the evolution of the city from the fifteenth to the mid-eighteenth century.

FAAH 224 Art History IV: Modern 3.0; 3 cr.
A survey and analysis of
art, architecture, and the evolution of the city from the mid-eighteenth century to the beginning of World War II.

FAAH 225 Special Topics In Art History/ 3.0; 3 cr. (each)
) Ancient and Classical (or equivalent)
Specialized courses in ancient and
classical art subjects.

FAAH 226 Special Topics In Art History/ 3.0; 3 cr. (each)
Medieval (or equivalent)
Specialized courses in Medieval art subjects.

FAAH 227 Special Topics In Art History/ 3.0; 3 cr. (each)
A,B,C) Middle Eastern and Islamic (or equivalent)
courses in Middle Eastern to Islamic art subjects.

FAAH 228 Special Topics In Art History/ 3.0; 3 cr. (each)
Renaissance to Baroque (or equivalent)
courses in Renaissance to Baroque art subjects.

FAAH 229 Special Topics In Art History/ 3.0; 3 cr. (each)
B,C) Modern and Contemporary Art (or equivalent)
Specialized courses
in modern and contemporary art subjects.

FAAH 232 Methods in Art History 3.0; 3 cr.
A study in the
tradition and methodology of art historical research. This pursues a discussion of the work of major theorists who have structured the discipline of art history; includes theories of the evolution of art, iconography, and art criticism.

FAAH 234 Theories of Color/Composition/Design 3.0; 3 cr.
An analysis of the dynamic interaction of color and
its implications for designers and artists. This course studies the physics of color, colored light, colored pigments, and the color wheel.

FAAH 235 Theories of Modern Art 3.0; 3 cr.
A comparative study of the major
theories of modern art: the meaning of the visual arts, aesthetics, and psychology of perception; includes theories forwarded by postimpressionists and German expressionists as well as symbolist theories.

FAAH 236 Art Education 3.0; 3 cr.
Theory and practice
in teaching visual art in the elementary school.

FAAH 237 Senior Project 0.6; 0 cr.
research, develop, and prepare a body of art in consultation with, but independent of, faculty members. Work in progress is shown to a jury during the course of the semester. At completion the work is displayed and judged by faculty members. No credit, but required of studio arts majors.

FAAH 238 Special Topics In Art Theory 3.0; 3 cr.
An advanced art theory course covering a broad spectrum
of historical and/or specialized treatments of art.

FAAH 286 Performance Art 0.6; 3 cr.
A studio course that will explore the body and its relationship to time and space as a fundamental element in art making.  The course will also discuss the history and theory of performance.  Annually.

FAAH 292 Workshop in Video Aart 0.6; 3 cr

FAAH/ Western Musical Traditions I 3.0; 3 cr
Music 240.

introduction to Western music from antiquity to the death of J.S. Bach, using readings and aural analysis of recorded performances.

FAAH/ Western Musical Traditions II 3.0; 3 cr.
Music 241

A continuation of readings and analysis of
Western music from 1750 to the present

FAAH/ AUB Choir (applied music) 1 cr.
Music 242

and performance in ensemble of standard mixed choral repertoire.

FAAH/ AUB Choir (applied music) 1cr.
Music 242A

An expansion of repertoire and
refinement of skills developed in 242.

FAAH/ AUB Choir (applied music) 1 cr.
An expansion of repertoire and refinement of skills developed
in 242A.

FAAH/ AUB Choir (applied music) 1 cr.
Music 243

Advanced rehearsal and
performance of standard choral and vocal ensemble repertoire.

FAAH/ AUB Choir (applied music) 1 cr.
Music 243A

An expansion
of repertoire and refinement of skills developed in 243.

FAAH/ AUB Choir (applied music) 1 cr.
Music 243B

An expansion of repertoire and refinement
of skills developed in 243A.

FAAH/ Introduction to Voice Performance 3.0; 3 cr
A course on the fundamentals of singing technique and
performance, including breath management, vocal registration, musical notation, and song repertoire.

FAAH/ Music Appreciation; Historical Survey 3.0; 3 cr.
Music 245

A survey of western
music from antiquity to modern times, from antiquity to jazz. Some musical basics are covered, ample illustrations are provided.

FAAH/ Elements and Notation of Music 3.0; 3 cr.
Music 246

An introduction to
the materials and notation of western music, with emphasis on musical performance, especially sight-singing.

FAAH/ Music Theory I 3.0; 3 cr.
Music 247

An introductory study of western
music notation and theory.

FAAH/ Music Theory II 3.0; 3 cr.
Music 248

A continuation of
FAAH/Music 247; voice-leading in four parts through secondary, dominant, and leading-tone chords.

FAAH/ Western Musical Traditions III 3.0; 3 cr.
Music 260

A focused survey of one style, period, genre, or composer
of western music. Such titles as Romantic Music, The Symphony, or The Music of J.S. Bach may be included.

FAAH/ An Introduction to the World of Opera 3.0; 3 cr.
Music 261

survey of the history and development of opera from 1598 to the present. Emphasis is placed on the analysis and evaluation of recorded opera performances on film.

FAAH/ Introduction to Theater 3.0; 3 cr.
Theater 265

An introductory course on various types of theatrical
presentations: realism, anti-realism, tragedy, comedy, and romance, with a view toward helping students appreciate current developments and experimentation in the theater.

FAAH/ Voice and Acting in the Theater 2.2; 3 cr.
Theater 267

A course covering the basics
of clear speaking, vocal projection, and acting.

FAAH/ Theater History 3.0; 3 cr.
Theater 270

An overview of theater
and related entertainment from ancient times to modern. Acting, production, stages, spectacle, audience control, and presentation styles are covered and illustrated with slides, videos, and anecdotes. .

FAAH/ Design in Theater 2.2; 3 cr
Theater 274

A course on
the basics of design and drawing as applied to theater; specifically stage settings, costume design, and poster design.

FAAH/ Workshop in Theater Production 2.2; 3 cr.
Theater 283

introductory course on the art of the theater with a survey of the techniques involved in various plays and/or class production.

FAAH/ Workshop in Acting and Directing 2.2; 3 cr.
Theater 284

An introductory course involving practical work
in the areas of acting and directing.

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