American University of Beirut

a contemporary Polish art exhibition

In Fine Arts on February 15, 2010 at 4:06 pm

Invited artists
Agata Bogacka
Monika Drożyńska
Nicolas Grospierre
Alicja Karska & Aleksandra Went
Katarzyna Przezwańska
Paweł Sysiak

Contemporary Polish art will be presented in Zico House and 98weeks Project Space from 20th of February until 16th of March 2010

Opening on Saturday, 20th of February 2010

5 P.M. 98weeks Project Space (Mar Mkhael, Naher street, Jisr el hadid. Facing Spoiler Center, Chalhoub building, n 22 – Ground floor, Beirut)

8 P.M. Zico House cocktail and reception / Party Disco Polo Night (174 Rue Spears – Quartier Sanayeh, Beirut)

under construction

to cram to pack

to contain to fit in

to place to accommodate to hold

to stuff to be situated to store

to keep within to be located to jam

to embrace

Exhibition Fitting in Space is presenting works of young Polish artists. The exhibition is dedicated to the notion of space and contemporary artists‘ attempts and investigation into ways in which it can be conceptualized and methods of transferring different spaces into each other. What are the relations between the inside and the outside? Where does gallery space fit in the modern world of art? How do artists translate spatial dimensions, sizes, directions, scales using different means and media? Does art question the spatial logic and its limitations? And if so, how does it help us understand our connections to all different spaces that we live in.

The exhibition will show big variety of works: from photography and film to large scale drawings. Some of the works will be prepared especially for this event and will be site-specific.

An open presentation/discussion with the artists will be held at Zico House on the 26th of February at 6 p.m.

Curators: Marta Bogdanska, Magdalena Kepka

Beirut Partners: Souad Abdallah (Zico House), 98weeks research project 

For more information:

Zico House and 98weeks research project: 70803522/ 03 417321

This project is supported by The Anna Lindh Foundation

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