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Professor Cornelia Krafft – Faculty Profile

In Fine Arts on February 15, 2010 at 4:17 pm

Whittlesey Visiting Chair Assistant Professor Cornelia Krafft has brought performance art to AUB where her courses in the Fine Arts and Art History Department parallel her own personal movement “from stage design into staged spaces and performances in nature.” … Read more.


Article “Performance Art Comes to AUB”

In Fine Arts on February 15, 2010 at 4:15 pm

Toward the end of the fall 2009-10 semester, passers-by on campus witnessed a girl in front of West Hall dressed in white, destroying with her mouth a cage made of black ties; water-filled balloons slamming into a man covered in dirt in the roots of a banyan tree; a student on the Green Oval so heavily weighted with books tied to his body he could no longer walk.

Performance art had come to AUB… Read more.

a contemporary Polish art exhibition

In Fine Arts on February 15, 2010 at 4:06 pm

Invited artists
Agata Bogacka
Monika Drożyńska
Nicolas Grospierre
Alicja Karska & Aleksandra Went
Katarzyna Przezwańska
Paweł Sysiak

Contemporary Polish art will be presented in Zico House and 98weeks Project Space from 20th of February until 16th of March 2010

Opening on Saturday, 20th of February 2010

5 P.M. 98weeks Project Space (Mar Mkhael, Naher street, Jisr el hadid. Facing Spoiler Center, Chalhoub building, n 22 – Ground floor, Beirut)

8 P.M. Zico House cocktail and reception / Party Disco Polo Night (174 Rue Spears – Quartier Sanayeh, Beirut)

under construction

to cram to pack

to contain to fit in

to place to accommodate to hold

to stuff to be situated to store

to keep within to be located to jam

to embrace

Exhibition Fitting in Space is presenting works of young Polish artists. The exhibition is dedicated to the notion of space and contemporary artists‘ attempts and investigation into ways in which it can be conceptualized and methods of transferring different spaces into each other. What are the relations between the inside and the outside? Where does gallery space fit in the modern world of art? How do artists translate spatial dimensions, sizes, directions, scales using different means and media? Does art question the spatial logic and its limitations? And if so, how does it help us understand our connections to all different spaces that we live in.

The exhibition will show big variety of works: from photography and film to large scale drawings. Some of the works will be prepared especially for this event and will be site-specific.

An open presentation/discussion with the artists will be held at Zico House on the 26th of February at 6 p.m.

Curators: Marta Bogdanska, Magdalena Kepka

Beirut Partners: Souad Abdallah (Zico House), 98weeks research project 

For more information:

Zico House and 98weeks research project: 70803522/ 03 417321

This project is supported by The Anna Lindh Foundation


In Fine Arts, Opportunity on February 15, 2010 at 4:05 pm

Reloading Images, a network of artists and cultural producers based in Berlin/London/Cairo is producing a performative intervention for the upcoming edition of Home Works V from April 22 – May 4 in Beirut. The project will consist of three performative guided tours and a small publication. Seeking interested assistant to help with logistical, administrative and conceptual coordination. Tasks will include coordinating the publication, conducting research, and helping with planning and concept development. Arabic language skills necessary. Design skills (InDesign/Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop) beneficial but not necessary. This is a part-time assistanship. Please contact Ashkan at if interested.

FAAH New Course: Workshop in Video Art

In Fine Arts on February 15, 2010 at 3:59 pm


Presents a new course:


Instructor: Prof. Roy Samaha

Times: Tuesday / Thursday 15.30-1750.

Place: Nicely 409.

Places are still available. To register, attend class and obtain Instructor?s permission, or call the FAAH Dept, #4350.

The course does not qualify for the General Education Humanities requirements. It may be taken as a free elective.

Needed: Nude Models for Life Drawing and Painting Courses

In Fine Arts on February 15, 2010 at 12:23 pm

Art Department seeks nude models for Figure Drawing/Painting course. Looking for models of all ages, sex, race, and body type. Hourly wages start at $10. Each session is approximately five hours. Please email for more information

“The Rise of Islamic Calligraphy”

In Fine Arts on February 15, 2010 at 12:21 pm

The Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies and The Department of Fine Arts and Art History
American University of Beirut

Cordially invite you to a lecture
“The Rise of Islamic Calligraphy”


Dr. Alain George
University of Edinburgh

Dr. Alain George has been a Lecturer in Islamic Art at the University of Edinburgh since September 2007. He received a Doctorate of Philosophy in Islamic Art and Archaeology from Saint Antony’s College, the University of Oxford in 2006. From 2005 to 2007, he was a part-time lecturer in History and Islamic Studies at the Université Saint Joseph in Beirut. He has recently published a book entitled The Rise of Islamic Calligraphy (al-Saqi Books, 2010).

Thursday February 18, 2010
5:00 PM

NGO Seeking Young Talent

In Fine Arts on February 12, 2010 at 11:23 am

Are you in your last year of university or in the first year of your professional career? Do you want to get exposure and recognition?

Are you a Graphic Designer? An Illustrator? Or a Photographer?

Then we are exactly what you are looking for!

Silex is an NGO that recruits young local talent to help them launch their careers and make a name for themselves in the professional world.

We are looking for three young talented individuals that would be interested in participating in the creation of a children’s book.

If you are interested, please send your CV and portfolio to the following address: